When it comes to eating, we tend to overcomplicate this area of our lives. The truth is, our bodies are creatures of habit and adapt to what we we do with it. What, how, when we eat is important but also can be simplified into a lifestyle that we repeat over time. This is a huge pressure off our shoulders once we understand that our relationship with food is about quality, not quantity (to a certain extent). The metabolism clock plays a big role in how and when we burn fat, our sleep patterns, brain function, emotions/thoughts, and muscle building. Timing can be everything. The good news is, once we get the basic schedule down and we understand what we are doing, that is when health becomes a lifestyle, a habit that we can duplicate, teach, and pass to others. I didn’t make this up, but whoever did is pretty awesome.

I would like to introduce you to “The Simple Six”. Simple Six, this is my friend. Friend, Simple Six! Lets be friends. Best Friends.

I have two meal plans here for all client types. (Ill make a vegan one soon). This first one covers the basics and gives you the general idea of Simple 6 eating. I did not attach the recipes but I did make them very simple to ask Googs for the recipe. She knows everything. (Yes, SHE. ;))

The second one is for my ISAGENIX clients. Its an edited version of the first one to include your toxin free lifestyle. Have fun! Oh!, And please let me know your thoughts. I am here to help!

Stay healthy my friends,

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