The key to leg day is burn out the muscles. Leg day can burn more calories than any other day, and continue to burn those calories through-out the day because of the sheer size of leg muscles. Leg day should be at least twice per week.

If you are unsure about how to do any of these, please look them up. Form is everything. When bending the knees, always keep your knee behind your toe line. For an example, when performing a reverse lunge, step back further than you are comfortable to keep your knee bent at a perfect 90* angle.

  • Four rounds of two exercises each round
  • Each exercise is 1 min.
  • 15 second rest between them
  • Don't linger on the rests as you do want the muscle to relax too much.

Warm up first. 2 Min of leg stretches. Very important!

Round one - heavy Weights in hand

Side Lunge
Squat Knee Raise
(repeat above exercises)

Round two - Heavy Weights in Hand

Curtsey Lunge
Calf Raises
(repeat above exercises)

Round three - Heavy Weights in Hand

Split Squat
Sumo Squat
(repeat above exercises)

Round four

Thigh Leg Lift
Quad Raise
(repeat above exercises)

Bonus Round

Fire Hydrant

Cool down 2 min. Stretch all the muscles you just worked. Very important.

See you all next time!!


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